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Free form Labradorite Wirewrapped Ring by Rock My Zen

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This freeform shaped Labradorite ring can be wrapped with non-tarnish copper wire or silver fill wire. Silver fill has more sterling silver content than traditional non-tarnish silver plated wire and is more economical than sterling silver. Silver fill wire does not have a non tarnish coating and will oxidize like .925 sterling silver and can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth.

The Labradorite stone measures approximately 14mm and can vary slightly in size and color from bead to bead. Please note that any flashes of color will not be evident in every ring due to the smaller sizes of the Labradorite.  These are natural gemstones so each Labradorite bead will be unique in shape and will look similar but not exact to the one in the photo. Choose your size from the drop down menu. Wire wrapped rings are made to order in our studio.

Metaphysical properties of Labradorite has been said to help with enhancing intuition and energy, protecting from psychic attacks and from negative energies.

The best way to find out your ring size is have it measured by a jeweler.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your medical practitioner for any questions regarding your health. The bracelets I make are not intended to substitute any treatment prescribed by your doctor and is not a cure for any health conditions.