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Carnelian and Black Onyx for Creative Writing and Focus

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Orange Carnelian (8mm) and Black Onyx (8mm) with Hematite spacers

This Rock My Zen combination was created with Carnelian and Black Onyx with the intention to help increase creativity, focus and concentration. Spacers are optional on all bracelets. If you prefer to not have any, please let me know in the Notes to Seller area when checking out. Patterns and coloring will vary on the Carnelian from the photos due to the stones being natural.

Metaphysical properties of Carnelian has been said to help with:
- fostering creativity.
- balancing the Sacral Chakra where creativity is housed
- increase energy

Metaphysical properties of Black Onyx has been said to help with:
- negative energy protection
- grounding
- self confidence
- inner strength
- releasing painful emotions
- focus, self control and discipline
- increasing physical and emotional stamina

Because these are natural gemstones, there may be natural markings that will only make your bracelet more unique. This does not affect the energy and intent of your bracelet.

It is recommended that Rock My Zen not be worn in the water or worn during any water related activity like in the shower or doing dishes other than cleansing as long term exposure to water can harden and break the elastic.

Please refer to info-graphic in photos for sizing guidelines.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your medical practitioner for any questions regarding your health. The bracelets I make are not intended to substitute any treatment prescribed by your doctor and is not a cure for any health conditions.