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Minimalist Quartz Keychain by Rock My Zen

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This Rock My Zen key chain features a single faceted Clear Quartz stone for those who like more of a simple or minimalist style. These are natural stones so please allow for other mineral inclusions or natural dips and crevices where the stone has not been completely smoothed over during the tumbling stage. Your keychain will look similar to the one pictured. The Quartz stone measures about 1.25"h x 7/8"w. With the keyring, it measures approximately 2.25" long.

Clear Quartz has been highly regarded in the metaphysical community as a "Master Healer". It is an energy amplifier and can help to amplify emotions and energy of crystals. It is also a very protective crystal to help guard against negativity and electromagnetic smog. It is a deep soul cleanser and can help with patience, helping with inner negative energy by stimulating positive thoughts. It is a crown chakra stone.

All keychains and jewelry are made in-house in our studio and has not been outsourced. All photos have been taken outside in natural light.